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e-FREIGHTοΏ½ is an Integrated project within the EU’s 7th Framework programme

The e-Freight project is aimed at supporting , from a transport perspective, the three pillars of European Policy namely:οΏ½οΏ½

Strengthening of the internal market and competitiveness; Improving regulation to create a more dynamic businessοΏ½environment; Promoting sustainable development.

Specifically e-Freight will contribute to the goals of the Freight transport Logistics Action Plan (Oct 2007), and ITS Action Plan (Oct 2008) pertaining to the development of:οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½

οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½1.οΏ½ A standard framework for freight information exchangeοΏ½
οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½covering all transport modes and all stakeholders.οΏ½
οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½ 2.οΏ½ A European Single Transport Document for carriage ofοΏ½
οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½goods with all the necessary legislative support,οΏ½
οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½irrespective of mode.οΏ½
οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½3.οΏ½ A Single Window (single access point) for administrativeοΏ½οΏ½
οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½procedures in all modes.οΏ½
οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½4.οΏ½ Simple, harmonised border crossings procedures for allοΏ½οΏ½
οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½modes of transport for all EU member states.οΏ½
οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½ 5.οΏ½ Simple procedures and the necessary infrastructure forοΏ½
οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½ establishing secure and efficient transport corridorsοΏ½οΏ½
οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½οΏ½between Europe, USA, and Asia.

The e-Freight project receives funding from the EC’s 7th Framework Programme
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